Where to Buy Kona Coffee

Kona coffee consists of a full-bodied flavor and has a very soothing aroma. Kona coffee is named such because the trees from which it is extracted are located over the slopes of Hualalai & the mountains of Mauna Loa.

Where to Buy Kona Coffee

You can visit your nearest store or order it online. The online option always works better, given that you’ll have more options to choose from. In addition, you can check the official websites of some of the most renowned Kona coffee brands like Lava Lei's Gourmet Hawaiian coffee

Thanks to technology and word of mouth, the reputation of Kona coffee has been spread worldwide.

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What is Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee is an Arabica coffee that is exclusively grown, harvested, and processed in the Kona region. If it does not follow these prerequisites, the coffee can’t be called “Kona”.

The beans should be grown in the Kona region and they should also be processed there. However, some people often go for loopholes in the whole process to get the advantage of the popularity of Kona.

How to Buy Kona Coffee

You need to consider different options to buy the right kind of Kona coffee because people can end up with fake blends, without realizing it. Though this is not harmful to their health, they will be deprived of the real taste of Kona coffee. 

The first point to consider while assessing the genuineness of Kona coffee comes from the package. If it says 100% Kona Coffee, then you can proceed further to test other aspects. Remember, if a package says that the coffee is ‘Kona blend,’ it will consist of less Kona beans and up to 90% of the blend can include other coffee beans. 

Be wary of Kona blends that don’t indicate the percentage of Kona beans included. For example, Lava Lei’s Kona blend products have visible indicators that they are 10% Kona blend or 100% Kona Coffee.

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Buying Kona Coffee Online

Thanks to the internet, people can get access to small businesses that produce unique products like Kona coffee. However, online purchases can be deceptive. Make sure you read reviews of the product and check the product description. 

People often overlook the specifics when buying online and don’t know that the Kona blend means it often only contains 10% Kona coffee. So make sure you know what you will be buying. Some people prefer the Kona blend while others prefer 100% Kona coffee.  

Buying Through Local Producers Websites

Some local Kona coffee farms set up websites for customers to shop into. Some even offer international shipping. What’s great about buying directly from their website is you get to know more information about the product and the company. 

For example, Kona coffee is exclusively grown in the Kona region. These local producers would definitely show where their products are made to prove they’re legitimate. If the website does not showcase where their beans are made, they’re probably not made in the Kona region. 

Buying Through Local Stores

You might want to take your chances and check your local stores. Some stores may have Kona coffee for sale. Make sure to check the brand and do some research. 

It is important to know that buying from a local store might be a bit expensive. Buying online directly from the producer might be less expensive, especially when they offer local and international shipping.

You may also want to get into your local community or coffee connoisseurs community. Some people might help you find Kona coffee products in your area. Make sure you do your own research before you buy a Kona coffee product recommended to you.  

Kona Blends and Scams

Kona is exclusively grown in the Kona region of Hawaii. Due to this and the island being small, the supply of Kona is limited. This is why some only use 10% Kona beans on their coffee products.

Kona blend isn’t a bad thing. It lets you taste a bit of Kona while also enjoying regular coffee ingredients. Kona tastes like a combination of sweet flavors like honey, brown sugar, fruits, and milk chocolate. People drink the 10% blend as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. 

However, some people also do it to take advantage of the Kona name. Kona is a highly popular flavor so some people do make use of it to sell their products. Therefore, make sure you’re choosing the right Kona blend that prioritizes quality flavor.

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Things to Consider While Buying Kona Coffee

Before you buy kona coffee you need to know what to consider while choosing a pack. The things include:

  1. The coffee should be prioritized with higher grades of Kona beans. It will be mentioned over the pack, and you can validate the same with the brand’s official page. You can go for fancy, peaberry, and extra-fancy Kona beans. 
  2. When you get the coffee, check to ensure that it has a smooth, without nutty or earth-type texture. 
  3. Apart from ‘Kona blend,’ you should also ignore the products that have tags such as ‘Kona roast' as they are often not pure Kona coffees.

Related Questions

What Does Kona Coffee Taste Like?

The taste of Kona coffee is more like milk chocolate, with hints of brown sugar. And it also gives a little flavor to the fruit. Learning more about the taste, specialty, flavors, and other details about Kona coffee will help you change your coffee preferences.

How Much Caffeine Does Kona Coffee Contain?

Kona beans are specifically high in caffeine, with around 1.20% to 1.32%. Different regions and different types of coffee vary in their caffeine ratings.


This is all about giving you a glimpse at which Kona products can stand out to be the best for you. You just need to keep in mind a few things to determine its authenticity. First, if you buy from eCommerce sites, you should cross-check all the brand specifications with the one listed on the official site. It will help you buy a genuine and 100% pure Kona coffee.