Where to Buy Hawaiian Coffee?

Hawaii offers some of the most unique coffee flavors in the world. However, with the islands being hours away from the mainland U.S. and farther from other countries, how does one get Hawaiian coffee? We're giving you several options on where to buy Hawaiian coffee to experience the authentic flavors anywhere.

Where to Buy Hawaiian Coffee?

You can buy Hawaiian coffee from coffee shops or grocery stores. Another convenient option is to order through the official websites or online stores of local farmers and manufacturers. When there's an opportunity, you can also visit coffee festivals, bazaars, and farmer's markets to see a selection of Hawaiian coffee.

Hawaiian coffee farms bearing fruits

Furthermore, you can order Lava Lei's gourmet Hawaii coffee through our website. In case you're visiting the island, drop by the Bay View Farm Estate for a farm tour and get fresh batches of 100% Kona coffee.

Online Shops

Whether you're from the mainland U.S. or another country, you may not be able to travel to Hawaii all the time to grab some packs of coffee beans. Fortunately, the internet makes it accessible for manufacturers and roasters to market and sell their Hawaii coffee products.

  • Official website: A shop's official website is the most reliable platform to buy Hawaiian coffee. Much like Lava Lei's website, you can see the complete collection of Kona coffee and even score coffee bundles or samplers. We also offer an express checkout through Shop Pay or Google Pay.
  • Social media platforms: You may discover some stores through Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok. Some shops accept transactions through these social media platforms. However, you may have to move across apps since these won't have integrated payment and shipping channels.

Local Stores and Farms

Some coffee varieties, including Kona coffee, grow exclusively in Hawaii. This is why another way to buy Hawaiian coffee is to go straight to local stores, coffee shops, grocery stores, and farms. 

Coffee being filtered

When you buy directly from farmers and roasters, they tend to source more supplies locally. In effect, seed and equipment providers in the area also benefit from the transaction. Consequently, they would hire more local labor, which means you get to help the farmers, manufacturers, and the community thrive.

The advantage of visiting farms and local stores is that you can see the farming and legitimate processes for yourself. In addition, you may meet the locals and coffee connoisseurs in the community to help you find the perfect Hawaiian coffee for your taste.

Festivals and Events

Festivals and events are also great opportunities to buy freshly roasted Hawaiian coffee beans. For instance, the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is Hawaii's long-standing food festival. It even celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 by offering virtual and in-person events. 

The festival started when the local Chamber of Commerce and a group of community members developed coffee events to attract visitors to the Kona region. Until now, both locals and visitors continue to celebrate the harvest season by showcasing Hawaii's tradition, heritage, and deep history of growing coffee.

Even when there are no scheduled events, you can head to a farmer's market where the beans are fresh from the farm. This avoids long-distance shipping and storage. Plus, you get to support the farmers and agribusiness directly.

What to Consider When Choosing Where to Buy Hawaiian Coffee?

Whether you buy Hawaiian coffee online or from a store, these are a few shopping considerations to ensure you get the best Hawaiian coffee beans.

Coffee beans spilling out of a paper bag, beside a cup and filter
  • Check the coffee grade and roast level: You can generally check the Hawaiian coffee grade and roast level on the packaging. You can choose from light roast, medium roast to dark roast coffee beans. The grade refers to a quality designation based upon specified criteria.
  • Read the product description: The advantage of buying from an official website is that it usually contains the necessary information about a Hawaiian coffee product.
  • Be cautious about the Kona label: Some people take advantage of the Kona name because of its popularity. If you want to taste pure Kona coffee, look for the 100% Kona label. This ensures that the pack only contains Arabica Kona beans and is not combined with other varieties.
  • Consider reviews: People have varying opinions about their experience with Hawaiian coffee. However, having firsthand experience buying and drinking it can give you an objective assessment of the product.
  • Buy directly from the producer: Purchasing Hawaiian coffee beans directly from the producer's website or farm ensures there are no additional fees for middlemen. Additionally, most of them offer local and international shipping.
  • Check the payment method: You should comfortably input credit card details without opening suspicious apps. Make sure that the website provides an invoice and receipt of your payment.


You can buy Hawaiian coffee from groceries, coffee shops, local farms, markets, and festivals. Another option is to order through online stores or official websites. Whether you purchase from a physical store or e-commerce site, buying straight from the farmers or roasters is ideal to guarantee 100% pure Kona coffee.