How Much Does Kona Coffee Cost in Hawaii?

If you plan to visit Hawaii, you may want to check out the Kona coffee belt. It’s the only place where Kona coffee is grown and you get to taste premium coffee while enjoying the scenery. When planning, it’s important to know: how much Kona coffee costs in Hawaii?

How Much Does Kona Coffee Cost in Hawaii?

A 7-ounce bag of Kona coffee can run around $4 to $20 in Hawaii. This can make around 5 to 6 pots of coffee. Each pot can hold 5 or more large cups of coffee. Therefore, one cup of Kona coffee could cost you around $1 to $15 in Hawaii. 

Most of the time, the pricing Kona coffee companies put on their website is also the same price they have in Hawaii. The only difference is the shipping fee included when purchasing outside of Hawaii. 

Roasted coffee beans

If you happen to plan a vacation to Hawaii, make sure to try out the 100% Kona coffee in the Kona region itself. It’s guaranteed genuine Kona coffee that you may want to taste at least once in your lifetime. 

Why Is Hawaii Kona Coffee So Expensive?

The top factor why Hawaii Kona coffee is expensive is its labor cost. Farmers pick Kona coffee by hand since mechanical picking is hard to do in the Kona region. It costs around 75 to 85 cents per pound if picked by hand while it only costs around 3 cents per pound if done mechanically. 

In short, the unavailability of mechanical picking is the top reason why Kona coffee is expensive. Handpicked coffee is also said to have better quality compared to mechanically picked coffees

Other factors include:

  • Exclusivity -  100% genuine Kona coffee is only grown in the Kona belt which is limited land. Hence, there’s a limit to how many it can produce. 
  • Geography - Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii far from other landmasses. Which means shipping it overseas will be expensive. 
  • Topography and Climate - Kona is the only region where it is conducive for Kona coffee to grow in excellent quality because of its microclimate and rich fertile volcanic soil. 

Is Kona Coffee Cheaper in Kona?

It is generally cheaper to get Kona coffee in Kona. Some locals do grow it for local use. Some Kona coffee plantations offer tours around their farm if you want to know more about coffee. They also have gift shops where you can buy Kona coffee whether you prefer to sample genuine Kona blends or grab the 100% Kona coffee beans, they are cheaper compared to overseas.  Kona coffee plants in Hawaii

How Much Do Other Coffees Cost in Hawaii?

A regular cup of coffee can cost around $6 to $8 in Hawaii. Locally produced Hawaiian coffee can go up to $20 to $100 per bag. Hawaii is known to contain some of the most  expensive coffee in the United States. 

Why Are Commercial Coffees Cheaper Than Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee is produced exclusively in a region where it can only grow in top quality. There is also a problem with how pricing is done by commercialized coffee. Most producers of commercialized coffee don’t get much of the share of the profit. 

Here are some factors why commercial coffee is cheaper compared to Kona coffee:

  • Unbalanced supply chain
  • Producers/farmers only get a small percentage of the profit. Sometimes roasters just buy their coffee products at a cheap price
  • Mostly uses machinery and employ fewer people and often have no environmental protections
  • Transoceanic supply chains

Whereas Hawaiian coffee farmers enjoy the following which is only possible with higher prices of Kona coffee:

  • Living wages for farmers and limited yet balanced supply chain
  • Employs more workers since process involves more manual work
  • Enjoys federal and  environmental protectionPerson holding a cup of coffee

Kona coffee is an exclusive industry, so it’s important that we preserve the tradition and culture of Kona coffee growing. If it was heavily commercialized, its quality would lessen and we would no longer have a taste of the aroma and flavor of quality Kona coffee. 

Related Questions

What Is the Average Price of Kona Coffee?

The average cup of Kona Coffee costs between $1.25 to $2.00 if you make it at home. If you buy it from coffee shops outside Hawaii, it could cost around $8 to $20 a cup. For 1 pound bags, it could cost around $20 to $85. 

Is Kona Coffee Overrated?

People who don’t mind how their coffee is made would call Kona coffee overrated. Kona coffee does have an expensive price tag. However, it is because of a lot of limitations that some of them benefit the local farmers. 

Is Kona Coffee Worth the Price?

If you treat Kona coffee as a premium coffee that you only enjoy once a month or two or during special occasions then it’s definitely worth it. Having a drink of  one Kona cup once in your life is good enough if you truly want to expand your knowledge regarding coffee. 


Kona coffee is generally cheaper to get in Hawaii. You also get to experience the local lifestyle and culture. There’s no better way to enjoy a cup of Kona coffee than by the beaches of Hawaii.