How Do You Drink Kona Coffee?

There are several coffee brewing methods, yet how do you drink Kona coffee? Should it be black or doused with sugar? We're sharing the best ways to enjoy drinking Kona coffee, so you can prepare it whether hot or cold.

How Do You Drink Kona Coffee?

You can drink Kona coffee either hot or cold. Since Kona beans have special flavors, try to limit sweeteners so you can taste the unique Hawaiian brew. The brewing method also influences how you drink Kona, although you can brew Kona using a French press, pour-over, or cold brew.

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From your chosen method to adding sweeteners, the whole process of preparing Lava Lei Kona coffee influences your drinking experience.

Choose Your Brewing Method

Each brewing method may result in varying tastes. Some may taste too strong, while others are more subtle. In some cases, even hot Kona coffee may taste different than cold or iced Kona.

Whether you choose hot or cold, these various brewing methods can help you decide the best way to prepare and drink Kona coffee.

  • Pour-over: This is among the best ways to prepare Kona coffee because its slow pouring process accentuates the intricate flavors and aroma of the beans. 
  • Drip: Whether manual or machine drip, this one lets you drink Kona coffee that retains sweetness and acidity. Put it in a mug for hot coffee or add ice if you prefer it cold.
  • French press: Compared to pour-over, a French press doesn't use a filter, which is preferable if you need to retain most of the oils in the cup. This is perfect for drinking Kona coffee with a richer and more bodied flavor profile.
  • Aeropress: Using an Aeropress is a great alternative if you want a middle ground between French press' heavy body extraction and avoid over-extraction from the pour-over method. This is ideal if you want to drink a lighter flavor profile, and you can easily make this either hot or iced.
  • Cold brew: You can immerse the coffee grounds in a cold brew bottle or pitcher for 12 to 18 hours. Choose cold brew if you want to drink a mellow, robust Kona brew with no bitterness. Besides, preparing a cold brew has no learning curve.
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Grind the Beans

One of the best ways to drink Kona coffee is to use medium roast to medium-dark roasted Lava Lei Kona beans for more bittersweet and smoky notes. Still, you can choose light roast if you want more fruity flavors.

  • Kona is a specialty coffee, so it's ideal to buy whole beans then grind them yourself. Furthermore, how you grind the beans can also influence how you drink Kona coffee.
  • Use coarse ground for cold brew, pour-over, and French press to let the water extract more flavors from the beans. Make sure not to over-coarse to avoid the coffee tasting watery or weak.
  • Opt for medium grind if you're using a drip coffee.

Set the Right Water to Coffee Ratio

Water is an essential component when drinking Kona coffee. The kind of water can dramatically change the quality and flavor of each brew.

  • The ideal water to coffee ratio is 5 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 16 ounces of water.
  • Preferably, use filtered hot or cold water to avoid unwanted flavors from muddying Kona's flavor profile.
  • To extract the most flavor from your Lava Lei coffee beans, keep the optimal brewing temperature between 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Add Sweeteners

Kona coffee's cultivation and roasting processes make it high in caffeine, providing a slightly malty flavor. However, it's a matter of personal taste if you want to add cream and sugar, especially if you're going to mask the somewhat acidic flavor.

You can serve Kona coffee, whether iced or hot. Either way, Kona coffee is traditionally sweet, so you may want to limit putting sugar cubes, milk, or honey. In this way, you can experience the nuances and special notes from the Kona beans.

It's also best to drink Kona coffee paired with local Hawaiian candies and treats, rice crackers, hard cheese, or nuts.

Related Questions

How Will I Know If I'm Buying Authentic Kona Beans?

Check the product information because authentic Kona coffee beans grow from the Kona slopes on the Big Island of Hawaii. The geographical aspects of the island contribute to the unique cultivation of Kona beans. The rich volcanic soil and sunny mornings make a favorable environment for Kona coffee beans.

Is Kona Coffee Bitter?

Traditionally, Kona coffee isn't bitter, although it may have subtle acidity. Instead, it should have a light and sweet flavor with hints of fruitiness, nuttiness, and spices. After roasting, the initial flavor profile combines sweetness and fruity.


You will discover the best way to drink Kona coffee by trying different roasting, grinding, or brewing methods. Whether you want it hot or iced, what's important is that you enjoy the whole brewing process, and you can get every ounce of flavor in each cup of Kona coffee.