First Look: Lava Lei Kona Blend Coffee

Since 1984, Bay View Farm has delivered the authentic taste of aloha through its high-quality coffee blends. Grown in the shadow of Mauna Loa and featuring a rich flavor and incredible depth inspired by the region’s dark volcanic soil, Bay View Farm’s Kona beans help create a unique coffee experience found nowhere else on earth.
So, what’s the latest buzz surrounding Bay View Farm? Ok, time to spill the beans: the historic farm and coffee plantation has recently expanded its offerings and is pleased to introduce Lava Lei Blend, the first of an exceptional line of coffees roasted with genuine Kona beans and grown right here on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Lava Lei Blend is available in light, medium, and dark roasts to satisfy the discerning palates of coffee drinkers everywhere. With inspired flavor profiles and smooth finishes, these roasts are an ideal marriage of hand-picked quality and one-of-a-kind tastes that define what a high-quality Kona coffee blend should be.
  • Light Roast: a bright and expressive taste of our unique blend.
  • Medium Roast: delightfully rich with a smooth finish.
  • Dark Roast: combines a bold flavor profile and deep, rich taste.
Our specialty blend features local Kona beans and choice arabica beans from some of the most famous coffee-growing locations in the world. To date,
Blend has included arabica beans from India’s well-known Hunkal Heights as well as the hilltops of Mexico’s Chiapas region. Simply put, Lava Lei’s Kona blend is the perfect combination of two choice beans resulting in a remarkable coffee experience.
Lava Lei Coffee is the result of hard work, persistence, and natural processes; it’s a coffee that transcends the delicate yet powerful tastes of a gourmet Kona coffee found nowhere else on earth. Ready for a taste? We invite you to experience Lava Lei Kona Blend with us and enjoy the uniquely-authentic flavor of Aloha!